Occupying Chicago

My only excuse for not posting since last month is that I’ve been diverted with other projects, including the new hgchicago site. The bad news is that it’s still not all there.  The good news is that it’s WordPress-based and that the new version of Firefox, 7.0.1, no longer freezes my OS.  Never did solve the Opera vs. WordPress problem, but now I’m back to Firefox for most things.

Chicago is no longer a media center, but still important enough to have Occupy action. I stopped by Jackson/LaSalle this afternoon, there were a few hundred people with signs and a good attitude.

Some occupiers


More occupiers


I saw no "media" of the type that has satellite trucks and excessively attractive newsreaders, but Distract Chicago was there.

The scheduled teach-instarted nearly on time, with St. Xavier Professor Aisha


Karim speaking about Marx’s Communist Manifesto.  Unfortunately, the acoustic conditions and the speaker’s accent prevented me from a full understanding of her case.

It looks from the previews like WordPress might be doing some things to my images, but I’ll wait to see the actual post.