Stumbling onto another land value tax endorsement

Just happened to find it while searching for something else in a Florida library

The killer argument in favour of a national tax on land values for any modern government relates to the effect of globalisation on the tax base. The ability of companies to shift their operations from one tax jurisdiction to another in a world of increasingly mobile capital means that the corporate tax base is likely to erode. This is taking longer to happen than intuition might suggest, but the logic of capital mobility and of transfer pricing by large corporations makes it inevitable. Rich private individuals are similarly prone to shift residence and domicile to minimise their tax liabilities. But it is much harder to shift factories, offices, shops and houses, and impossible to move the ground on which they are built.

The article also includes a prescient observation regarding the housing bubble

Better still, the effect on the housing market would be inherently countercyclical. When house prices and land values are rising, the tax would admittedly with a delay act as a dampener on the boom.

source: One tax to untangle this unholy mess.(real property taxes).
Estates Gazette (Feb 28, 2004): p.50.

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