POSTED: Assessor candidates debate

An mp3 audio file of the debate is now (February 2, 11 PM CST) available for download here.  At least two of the candidates  (Robert Grota and Sharon Strobeck-Eckersall, of the Green and Republican parties respectively) will be on the November ballot.  The two Democrats, Ray Figueroa and Robert Shaw, may (according to incomplete returns) have been defeated by a third candidate, who did not participate.

Inconveniently, the debate was held less than five days before the election, and it took our co-sponsor  more than four days to produce the audio file. Perhaps next election we will achieve better scheduling. It is also possible that most voters would not choose to listen to a 101-minute discussion on this subject, but at least we had hoped to provide the opportunity.

I will have some comments on the content of the debate subsequently.

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