Concerns about rising death rates

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According to this report from Indianapolis, an insurance company CEO has observed deaths of working-age people (covered by his company’s policies) running 40% above pre-‘demic levels, and says most of the claims aren’t covid deaths.

The CDC do publish some data on deaths by age, and for the age group 18-64 we see

year       weeks     “covid” deaths    total deaths

2021-22     40-48       24,792           145,529  

2020-21     40-48       12,493           143,491

2019-20     40-48            0           120,317

2018-19     40-48            0           119,029

So we have about a 20% increase, most of which is listed as “covid.”  The remainder might reasonably be due to knock-on effects of the lockdowns and lockouts.  The difference between 20% and 40% is curious, but his insured aren’t a random sample of the total population.  He also notes an increase in disability claims.

Since the vaxxed population would have been higher in 2021 than 2020, this data would be consistent with some deaths being caused by the vax, as well as few deaths prevented by it.

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