NAHB report endorses Land Value Tax

A new report prepared by a consultant for the National Association of Homebuilders reviews dozens of strategies which have been proposed or used to promote affordable housing.  It points out that an increased tax rate on land values, balanced with decreased taxation of improvements, reduces real estate taxes for most homeowners, while encouraging owners of vacant or underused land to get their land developed, often increasing the supply of housing.

The report also notes that it costs virtually nothing to tax land at a higher rate than improvements.  Examples cited include Harrisburg and Allentown, PA.  Information is from Josh Vincent of the Center for the Study of Economics.

In  Illinois, the Cook County Board could pursue a similar strategy using existing authority to tax land and improvements as two different classes of real estate.  As previously discussed here, the Assessor could take a big step in this direction by just valuing vacant land as prescribed by existing laws and ordinances.

One thought on “NAHB report endorses Land Value Tax”

  1. The report and ALL comments should be made to both the Cook County Board President, T.S., as well as the Assessor of this county so that they can actually do the job the’re supposed to be doing! And I was informed by a functionary of the Assessor that the Illinois General Assembly has to get involved; they have to pass an LVT law 1st, BEFORE, Cook, or any county can pass their LVT legislation!!! Get my drift? My meaning? So, active LVT advocate/champions HAVE to do an EDUCATION campaign, BEFORE, we do a grass roots organizing campaign THROUGHOUT the great State of Illinois, let alone Chicago, and the 6 or 7 County-Wide Chicagoland Metropolitan Area!!! OK? So! When do WE START this project?!? I’m raring to go!!! Let’s DO THIS NOW!!! I Am Always Friend-In-Peace, D.M.M.

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