Why I’m not posting so frequently

This is about software problems.  For some reason Firefox and Mint 10 KDE don’t get along, and after anywhere from many minutes to several hours the system locks up.  Leave it alone for 6, 8, 10 hours and it seems to recover, but I can’t usually spare the time.

So, while waiting for Mint 11 KDE, which one hopes will solve the problem, I’ve been using the Opera browser instead of Firefox.  Opera is very smooth, works very well except when it doesn’t.  And doesn’t is how it handles blanks in the WordPress visual editor.  Whichwouldresultinallthewordsrunningtogether.  So, for blogging, I switch back to Firefox.  All the while worrying whether I’ll get another freeze. What’s really discouraging is that neither the WordPress forum nor the Opera forum have offered any assistance.