53% thank the Occupants

Apparently the time has come for CNN to decide that Occupy Wall Street really doesn’t have broad support.  So, based on the claim that 47% of Americans don’t pay federal income tax (tho most do pay payroll tax, state and local taxes), CNN found four people who (claim to) pay federal income tax and do not support the Occupants.

I’m sure there are more than four, probably more than four hundred thousand, who oppose the Occupants, but speaking as a guy who does pay federal income tax, lots of it, plus more to the folks who help me prepare the forms, I thank the Occupants for representing me.  I would be with them if I didn’t have other obligations.

I suspect that most of the Occupants would be happy to take decent jobs if any were on offer.  In fact, what will probably happen– you read it here first– is that the Overlords will find a way to use our tax money to offer a few thousand jobs, Occupants will take them, and the movement will fade.