Henry George School FAQ? Not exactly

Perhaps 25 years ago I encountered, at Henry George School’s old location on Ravenswood, a small document entitled “Single Tax Catechism.” I dismissed it as obsolete in form and content. Who needs a catechism anymore? We don’t need to be told what to think.

In more modern times, I have thought that the Henry George Schools do need an FAQ, frequently asked (and answered) questions, to post on the web for those accustomed to that format. Somebody may someday write this, but in the meantime the catechism, nearly a century old, provides some of what we need.

Our copy seems to have disappeared in the moves from Ravenswood to Greenleaf, then to Dearborn, and then to Jackson. Exploring around the ‘net, it seems the catechism was prepared by Charles Fillebrown, and went thru numerous revisions. Wealth and want has posted the 1916-17 version.

It makes perfect sense now, altho of course the statistics are obsolete and some of the terms are dated, and some of today’s important kinds of rent aren’t considered.

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