Menace of Privilege returns!

I have decided to move from to a commercial host.  Not easy to choose one, as there is so much hype and hustle in the field.  So here I am at Maiahost, so far so good, as promised they took care of moving everything from the old (which will still exist for a while) to the new  Except they did not move the theme, leaving me instead with the wordpress default.

Not a serious problem, since I was going to change themes anyway, so as to accommodate ads.  This will happen eventually.

Maiahost is not the very cheapest host but doesn’t really cost very much, and seems to have humans (well, New Yorkers) involved in its administration.

Pedestrian directions now available on Google maps

So, for instance, suppose I want to get some of that free land in Marquette, Kansas, but I don’t have a car or bicycle.  Google will provide directions, a total of 314 segments for the 766-mile trip.  Google estimates it’ll take me 10 days and 10 hours, which works out to just over 3 miles per hour.  I guess they assume I sleepwalk, but take breaks occasionally. I don’t imagine their database worries about whether there are sidewalks, but they do say “Walking directions are in beta. Use caution when walking in unfamiliar areas.”

Netvouz– keeping bookmarks on line

I’ve had, for years, a problem with various browsers, computers, etc, each having a bunch of bookmarks, not identical nor even  organized in similar ways.  And at various times I’ve had difficulty figuring out how Firefox and
Opera, the main browsers I use, expect me to manage their bookmark files.

I finally decided that I needed to use one of the on-line bookmark managers, and ended up with Netvouz.

(Why Netvouz? I tried two or three others, and couldn’t get Opera to let me install the
links to a bar, necessary to easily access the bookmarks.  Finally, when I got to Netvouz,
I figured I must be doing something wrong and sent a note seeking support.  A couple days later  I had a helpful response, explaining how I could overcome an Opera weirdness. )

It took me a little while to figure out how to use Netvouz, but it’s logically organized and, most importantly, seems to be bulletproof reliable.  So I’m gradually getting accustomed to it, and it’s a great convenience.