Netvouz– keeping bookmarks on line

I’ve had, for years, a problem with various browsers, computers, etc, each having a bunch of bookmarks, not identical nor even  organized in similar ways.  And at various times I’ve had difficulty figuring out how Firefox and
Opera, the main browsers I use, expect me to manage their bookmark files.

I finally decided that I needed to use one of the on-line bookmark managers, and ended up with Netvouz.

(Why Netvouz? I tried two or three others, and couldn’t get Opera to let me install the
links to a bar, necessary to easily access the bookmarks.  Finally, when I got to Netvouz,
I figured I must be doing something wrong and sent a note seeking support.  A couple days later  I had a helpful response, explaining how I could overcome an Opera weirdness. )

It took me a little while to figure out how to use Netvouz, but it’s logically organized and, most importantly, seems to be bulletproof reliable.  So I’m gradually getting accustomed to it, and it’s a great convenience.

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