Where Chicago posts medallion sales prices

I have been relying on the estimable Chicago Dispatcher monthly newspaper for Chicago medallion sales prices, because I could never find them on the City’s web site.  Now, while trying to figure out something else, I have found the site.   The same page with a different url seems to be here.  It’s not clear whether this link is permanent, but one can navigate to it from  egov.cityofchicago.org using  Your GovernmentCity DepartmentsBusiness Affairs and LicensingPublic Vehicles > Taxi and Limo Industry >  Medallion Owners. The latest list posted, thru June 8, is this pdf, showing that on the last date reported, June 9, ten sales closed at prices ranging from $165,000 to $178,000.

Other medallion-related items: Here’s a post indicating that New York, too, is seeing continuing rise in medallion prices.   And Taxi Medallion Systems do not Benefit Drivers.

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